Infinities 2 | SPACE PROJECT _ Vincent Fournier in Berlin

By Simone Kraft

(c) Vincent Fournier

“In-Between” is a new quarterly exhibition series curated by Lukas Feireiss for ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory. The series brings together artistic positions that critically explore spatial discourses in contemporary visual culture – ranging from architecture and installation, to photography and film, painting and illustration. It examines the influential strength of architecture and the built environment on the arts and investigates how built forms are being used and misused, thereby distending and extending space, and potentially offering alternatives to the autonomous presumptions of architecture.

(c) Vincent Fournier

In-Between. Spatial Discourse in Visual Culture – Part 2


Photographs from the “Space Project” Series by Vincent Fournier

17 May – 25 May 2014

Aedes am Pfefferberg, Berlin

Info _ The second part of the series, ‘Infinities‘, is dedicated to the exploration of the infinite vastness of outer space. The exhibition features works from the “Space Project” series by French photographer Vincent Fournier, that depict – with great sobriety and silent humor – a variety of locations that are associated with space travel on Earth. These places range from the Juri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, observatories in Chile’s Atacama Desert, to the iconic John F. Kennedy Weiterlesen


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