Raum 19 IV | IMI KNOEBEL in Cologne

By Simone Kraft

Installation in der Galerie Chr. Lethert

Cologne base gallery Christian Lethert (re)presents Imi Knoebel´s first solo-exhibition Raum 19 IV. The spatial installation Raum 19, which Imi Knoebel realised in the Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie in 1968, plays a major role in his non-figurative work that then ranges between painting and object. Constructive, basic forms made of hardboard, such as circular segments, stretcher frames, cubes and boards are stacked or arranged side by side. Despite its sculptural-installative presence, Raum 19 alludes to fundamental questions of painting.

Installation in der Galerie Chr. Lethert

Imi Knoebel

Raum 19 IV

05.04.2014 – 07.06.2014

Galerie Christian Lethert


Info _ Imi Knoebel belongs to the group of artists that have developed a radical, minimal form vocabulary in the 1960s. Since the beginning of his artistic career, Kasimir Malerwitsch has always been a very important reference point. Avoiding any figuration, his early work is characterized by a reduced use of color and a geometric form language: having started with black and white line paintings and hardboard installations, he later turned to colorful painting on wood or aluminum. His mostly serial work procedure on standardized materials always reveals the hand-made gesture of the artist, such as visible brush strokes.

The room-installation Raum 19, which Weiterlesen


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