Guest Contribution | Marwa Al-Sabouni’s VIEW FROM HOMS, SYRIA

By Simone Kraft

Khalid ibn Al-Walid Mosque and the surrounding area in the aftermath of devestating shelling is delighted to present you a new collaboration with Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni. Born and living in Homs, Syria, Al-Sabouni’s texts offer special insights on life in her war-torn home city and Syria – from an architect’s point of view.

Marwa Al-Sabouni has finished her PhD research on Stereotyping in Islamic Architecture. Her articles were published in RIBA Journal, WSI mag, Architectural Review, and others. will publish a selection of her articles within the next weeks.

Recently, Marwa, together with Khaled Komee, has won the UN Habitat student competition for mass housing, launched in September 2013(more info). Their concept for Homs was awarded a first prize for Syria. Congratulations!

text (c) Marwa Al-Sabouni
illus. (c) The Architectural Review


We like to cheer on the underdog. Generally people will support the weak in a fight against the strong, even when there is little moral difference between them. But we rarely think of the people and places caught in the crossfire.

Watching Tom and Jerry we hope cunning Jerry will get the better of powerful Tom, but in the process they end up ruining their home, breaking things that don’t belong to them Weiterlesen


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