Guest Contribution | Marwa Al-Sabouni on A TABLE FOR TWO

By Simone Kraft

1542718.207 is delighted to present you a new collaboration with Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni. Born and living in Homs, Syria, Al-Sabouni’s texts offer special insights on life in her war-torn home city and Syria – from an architect’s point of view.

Marwa Al-Sabouni has finished her PhD research on Stereotyping in Islamic Architecture. Her articles were published in RIBA Journal, WSI mag, Architectural Review, and others. will publish a selection of her articles within the next weeks.

Recently, Marwa, together with Khaled Komee, has won the UN Habitat student competition for mass housing, launched in September 2013(more info). Their concept for Homs was awarded a first prize for Syria. Congratulations!

text + illus. (c) Marwa Al-Sabouni


“Architecture is above all the coercive organization of social space”
Francis Sparshott

Long before war hit them, the streets of Homs were hit by architecture. Or rebuilding, anyway. Once you could smell the fragrance of Acacia trees across the city’s neighborhoods, you could pause to eat their flowers while running after your friends. You could watch those trees as they matured and spread their cool shadows over the place. How can anyone who didn’t experience those images and feelings, that have been Weiterlesen


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