Pasha, the Steam Room by Teuco

Finding a way to wind down and recuperate is now a daily pursuit. Over the course of the day, which is too often marked by a hectic pace, it is essential to make time for a purely relaxing break. So at the end of a busy day, what better way to relax than in the Pasha Steam Room by Teuco, the end result of the company’s constantly evolving know-how in the well-being industry, a brand which was the first to introduce a Turkish bath in a shower enclosure in the 1980s.

Designed by angeletti ruzza design, Pasha is your dream steam room, which can be designed and customised according to the space and particular preferences of every individual, thanks to its modularity and broad selection of configurations and optionals. Pasha is now also available in an unprecedented version where the completely transparent glass walls make the entire structure lighter and brighter on the inside.

Letting off steam in the Pasha Steam Room means enjoying an ancient ritual of pure beauty and well-being, to pamper your senses, to feel entirely recharged and, why not, more attractive. All in the intimacy of your own home. Once inside, the warm steam will envelop you, forcing your worries to slip away, relieving all tension and winding you down little by little.

Ideal after training or playing sport, the steam room encourages rapid recovery from muscle fatigue and quickly disposes of lactic acid build-up, improving peripheral circulation and relaxing both muscles and joints. Your body will regain energy and your skin will gain a healthy glow, and your heart, circulation and breathing will all benefit from the positive effects of the mixture of steam and heat. And thanks to the technology devised by Teuco which entails an automatic air recirculation system, a totally uniform temperature is ensured throughout the steam room, making for complete comfort and an even more profound treatment.

In terms of styling, the Pasha Steam Room is a true gem, capable of enhancing the appeal of any bathroom, making it truly unique: featuring a clean-cut, precise silhouette, for a truly appealing look. The glazing in the doors, and in the walls of the brand new version, is the perfect match for the steel or aluminium finishes, creating an ultra-modern look, enhancing the appeal of the tiling in mosaics or ceramic for a bathroom with a strong styling impact.
Pasha, the Steam Room by Teuco

The blend of functionality and styling is – as in all other Teuco products – spot on: Pasha is completely configurable both in terms of interiors, with rectangular or corner wash basins, and seats, for a harmoniously matching ensemble. The touch screen controls simplify all the functions: from temperature control to the steam cycle time, as well as any optionals such as Cromoexperience function and aromatherapy, which light your relaxation with magic. For those who can’t relax completely without music, an audio system with Bluetooth connection is also available as an accessory.

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