“I wanted to play with the place, to inhabit it, to give a new identity to this place.” INTERVIEW with Laura Ribero

By Simone Kraft

Transitory Places II (Filmcasino Cinema, Vienna), 2013

Who is she? Where is she? What is she doing, and where does she go, the young woman in her strikingly beautiful dresses? She is wandering in run down rooms, some nearly ruin-like, while in others the splendor of bygone days can still be felt. She appears strangely out of place and time, yet at once she seems to belong just there. A photos develop a puzzling, surreal and yet strangely aesthetic atmosphere.

Transitory Places I (Metro Cinema, Vienna), 2013

Laura Ribero’s most recent series Transitory Places plays with opposites, the photos irritate with the surprising contrast of beauty and (near)demolition. What’s this? In fact, the shots were taken in old cinemas in Vienna, in which the photo artist staged herself.

Key themes of Colombian artist’s work circle around transformation and transitoriness – she plays with places and their identity. Repeatedly she has staged imaginary situations in a real place, thus creating surreal sceneries of irritation, of breaks in the visual narrative – a mixture of reality and fiction, of beauty and chaos.

Her focus doesn’t stop with the transformation of spaces, but also and especially expands on the transformations that affects people when they (have to) change their spatial conditions – moving and Weiterlesen