Beatrice Minda | IRAN. INTERRUPTED in Zurich

By Simone Kraft


Time and again, German photographer Beatrice Minda deals with the relationship between private space, memory, and history. After her striking exploration of Romanian interiors in her photo book “Inner World”, the artist traveled to the Islamic republic of Iran for her new work. There she immersed herself in the essentially unfamiliar world of private Persian living spaces and inner courtyards, with their fences, walls, and opaque curtains that cut them off from public life. In a country with a history of several thousand years, Minda follows along the trail of a tradition, some of which has been deeply buried. Yet despite all of the historical caesuras she identifies hidden signs of continuity. The sensitive color photographs make it possible to see and feel how private spaces reflect the present-day mindset of their inhabitants along with historical, cultural, and social contexts, thereby subtly articulating the sociopolitical dimension of Iran.

Beatrice Minda


26.5. – 19.7.2014

semina rerum, Zürich

Info _ Beatrice Minda beschäftigt sich immer wieder mit dem Verhältnis von privatem Raum, Erinnerung und Geschichte. Nach der ausdruckstarken Erkundung rumänischer Interieurs in ihrem Bildband Innenwelt reist die Künstlerin für ihre neue Arbeit in die islamische Weiterlesen


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